Dear Client,

We make every effort to ensure that the furniture leaving our production line reaches everyone without any damage and can be used by you for a long time without problems.

However, if there are any obstacles, we are available to eliminate them as soon as possible so that you can enjoy the furniture purchased at Remember that we want to be on your side at every stage of the complaint. We adhere to the principle that “the true quality of the work of the Customer Service Department is revealed by the way in which the complaint is handled”. We want our customers to trust us, so we intend to make everything easier for them - also at the complaint stage. We comply with consumer rights in force in Poland and in Europe. Each complaint submitted to us is considered in the order of its notification. The estimated time of our response to the notification is 2 business days. If we do not contact you within this time, it may mean that we have not received a complaint from you. In such a case, contact us again, please.

The time of notifying the consumer about our position in the case of complaining about the non-compliance of the product with the contract is 14 days. The time during which the Consumer may file a complaint is 2 months from the date of finding the defect.

Problems with the shipment of purchased furniture

Remember that a courier company is an external company that we do not always have influence on. Therefore, before you collect the package, check carefully at the courier that the packaging of the purchased furniture remains intact. Do not accept the parcel if it is damaged, write down the damage report (the courier is obliged to provide You with the form) and inform us about it by clicking the button below.

If the potential damage is discovered after the courier’s departure, contact the courier company as soon as possible.

The purchased piece of furniture has defects

In the event that the received product is defective or damaged during use, please notify us immediately by clicking on the button below.



The product does not comply with the contract

You can also submit a complaint in our store for non-compliance of the product with the contract or when the order received is missing some elements. Under Polish law, you can request repair or replacement of the product with a new one. We will respond to the application and make a decision depending on whether the request is feasible. In the case that the requests are impossible to meet, you have the right to withdraw from the contract or reduce the price. The Seller has the right to have the subject of the complaint examined by an expert in order to determine whether the product is actually inconsistent with the contract.

If you have read the above information, send a complaint by clicking the button below.


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